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Nandhaur Wildlife Sanctuary is a new untouched reserve in Corbett Landscape, located near Haldwani City in the state of Uttarakhand. Its area is 269.96 km square. The region is mainly famous for the Asian Elephant, Leopard, Tiger, Wildboars, Spotted Deers, and many more species. Main transport options around the reserve are jeeps safaris. At Nandhaur WLS you can get the chance of viewing Spotted Deer, Sambhar, Wild Boar, tiger, leopard, Barking deer, Goral Two kinds of Bears Himalayan Black and Sloth, and over 400 bird species makes Nandhaur WLS is a perfect wild life safari and bird watching destination.
At nandhaur WLS there are 4 safari tracks the duration of safari tracks are from 3 to 4 hour, 4 to 4:30 hours, 5 to 6 hour, and 6 to 7 hours a depends the visitors that wish to take experience.
If your are a normal nature lover and coming along with family and children the safari of Sunkhedikot and Machlivan (duration 3 hour) is recommended or you can also go for Jaulasal and Machlivan Safari (duration 4 to 4:30 hour ).
The hard core wild-lifer, nature lover want to spent almost entire day into nandhaur forest may do Durgapipal or Senapani track safari. In this type of safari it is recommended that guest brings its own food, water.
If these safaris still not full fill your hunger of wild-life journey of nandhaur WLS, safari with 1 or 2 night stay packages also available



Nandhaur WLS has mainly four Safari Zones (Sunkhedikot and Machlivan, Jaulasal and Machlivan, Durgapipal and Machlivan, SenaPani and Machlivan) in order to manage and balance the number of tourists.
All entries start from Chorgalia Forest Rest house, which is also the Entry point of Nandhaur Wild Life Sanctuary to visit. Its just 27 Km far from Haldwani City. A road from Haldwani Bus Stand passed towards a bridge over Gola River. You will also experience different feel while crossing this river on a long bridge. Cross the bridge and turn right towards Chorgalia.

Visitors can choose any of following Safari zones for their wild life experience


Sunkhedikot and Machlivan

Safari Track Distance : 34 km
Duration : 3 – 4 Hour
Entry Time : in between 6 am to 2 pm
Persons : 1-6
Safari cost : 4000
Booking advance : 1000 

Jaulasal and Machlivan

Safari Track Distance : 45 km
Duration : 4 – 4:30 Hour
Entry Time : in between 6 am to 2 pm
Persons : 1-6
Safari cost : 5000
Booking advance : 1000

Durgapipal and Machlivan

Safari Track Distance : 72 km
Duration : 5 – 6 Hour
Entry Time : in between 6 am to 12 pm
Persons : 1-6
Safari cost : 9500
Booking advance : 2000 

SenaPani and Machlivan

Safari Track Distance : 90 km
Duration : 6 – 7 Hour
Entry Time : in between 6 am to 7 am
Persons : 1-6
Safari cost : 10000
Booking advance : 2000 

Please Note:

  • Sharing of Gypsy with other guests are not allowed.
  • A gypsy has capacity of 6 persons. If you are more, continue with above booking button. Final screen will display exact amount according to number of persons.
  • Only 1 child upto 5 years allowed in one Gypsy.
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